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Before the advent of the Digital Arts Era, there was a simpler time when art interpreted life with just a stroke of a brush. I am so happy to have experienced that era and appreciate all that it groomed me to be today. Then time almost stood still. There was no rush to complete. No hectic deadlines to meet. Just you, your vision, your canvas, paints, and brush. Thanks for the simpler times, it makes me who I am today.

  • Designs by: Nancy Branch
  • Clients: Various
  • Mediums: Mixed
  • Years: 2001-2021
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"Papillons" 12"X36" - Oil, Gold Leaf, Marker, Pencil on Canvas ©2020
The Beast
"The Beast" 28"X26"- Oil on Canvas ©2020
"Busta" 24"X36"- Oil Paint, Charcoal, Glitter, and Water Color on Poster Board ©2001
"Pet" 5"X7"- Water Color on Textured Paper ©2004
Pet Oil
"Pet 2" 24"X36"- Oil on Canvas ©2005
"Sable" 8"X10"- Charcoal, Water Color, Photoshop ©2001
"Family" 36"X48"- Acrylics, Oil Paint, Metalic Paint on Canvas ©2015
"Splish" Wall Mural - Oil Paint, Acrylic, Glow Paint